Outdoor Arena

The outdoor arena measures approximately 40m x 32m and is used with our DIY Livery. It benefits from an all year round PVC granular surface designed specifically for all year round use.  Even in heavy frost conditions the arena can generally be used after we have loosened the surface.

The arena is enclosed by a post and rail timber fence with tongue and groove fencing panels along the end of the arena to provide a barrier between the arena and the external storage area.  Entrance to the arena is via a gate (normally left open and tied back outside of the arena) located off the main entrance drive which extends off the designed riders way path from the stable block. All perimeter gates around the outdoor arena are closed so any loose horse will be contained within this area.

The outdoor  arena also benefits from external flood lighting (optional hire agreement) with light luminaires located on columns to minimise glare and enhance light coverage.

Arena letter markings are provided and a 20m wide arena can be easily set out if required.

Arean-Gallery-DSC03409 (1)