Caravan Storage Area

The Indoor area offers 1200 m2 of floor area (60m x 20m) and has been divided to provide 31 storage bay’s at 8m long by 3.5m wide.

The surface has a nominal wax / sand surface laid on a compacted granular sub base providing a firm surface for tracking vehicles over.










Natural cross ventilation has been incorporated within the building walls along with 100% natural light, allowing solar panels on caravans and motor homes to generate electricity during the daylight hours for maintaining batteries etc.

A large 6m x 3.7m high sliding Bi Folding doors has been installed to allow easy access into and from the area.  Door access control is included for enhanced security.

A comprehensive CCTV system has been installed and we offer 24 hour video surveillance.

The area incorporates emergency lighting for safe evacuation on power failure and the fire alarm system incorporates call points at all fire exit positions and the sounders when activated  provide voice ‘Instruction for evacuation’ to minimise noise intensity.

The area incorporates adequate provision for fire extinguishers and emergency escape provision.

We hold CaSSOA Membership and we hold a  ‘GOLD’ Award Standard.