Potential sale information for our indoor arena surface and set of show Jumping jumps

In order to save time during the tender period for our Martin Collins Ecotrack performance arena surface and our complete set of Jump 4 Joy jumps, we have decided to provide tender information now, so interested parties can provide competitive offers.

Please find below tender offer enquiry details for the following:

Arena Surface

19.07.14 Tender offer for MC ECOtrack



Jump 4 Joy Show Jumps

19.07.14 Tender offer for Full Set of Jumps


Please note that we do not offer a guaranteed sale on these items as currently (as of 20.07.14) legal documentation in respect of a future lease for the arena is still ongoing and there is no guarantee on completion.

However, in the interest of providing a fair tender offer period for potential buyers we have released this information early.

All enquiries are to be made to Mr Gary Rickards on 07887 400239.




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