New Clear Round Jumping Morning on Saturday 2nd November with KITCHEN OPEN

Due to competitors requests we have moved our popular clear round jumping to the first Saturday of the month (not in December or January) starting on 2nd November  from 9.00 am until approx 12.00 Noon (last tickets sold approx 11.30 am).  Again we have been asked to provide hot food and drinks / confectionary so we will offer this as a trial and open our kitchen. After clear round jumping the course will be available for hire for a limited period.

We hope this morning activity will become popular with riders wishing to participate in clear round jumping.

The rates will remain held at £3.50 / round and jump heights will be adjusted to suit riders requests, when they attend.

The arena will no longer have a full course of jumps laid out for hire on a Tuesday, but will be available for a limited period on the Monday. Please see our calendar for details.

Flatwork or a course of 6 jumps will be available for hire between 3.00 pm and 6.30 pm on a Tuesday. From 7.00 pm the arena is no longer available for hire due to a long term booking arrangement now secured with a sports club to host their training.

Flatwork hire is £15 / hr for 2 horses with additional £5 / additional horse. Show jumping hire is £20 / hr for 2 horses with additional £5 / additional horse.

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