May & June Programmes and update.

Hi Everyone

After what has been a busy Winter and Spring series of competitions for us we wish to thank you all for all your support and appreciation on all the favourable comments we receive concerning the quality of our venue and organisation of competitions.

We have now just returned from a short break and though Jill has been very ill lately we still intend running our popular competitions though the quantity will be reduced during the next few months.

For those who have or intend to form a dressage team and have a go at the British Dressage Team Quest competitions for Novice riders, we will be running our next competition on Saturday 31st May.

We provide below a copy of our Programmes for May and June and hope to see you all at a future competition.

We are still holding our hire rates for this month, from which the rates will be reviewed from June. Please be assured our new rates will be competitive and still offer value to riders.

Our current hire rates are:

Flatwork – £15 / hr for 2 horses

Show jump training- 6 jumps or course (after competitions) – £20 / hr for 2 horses

HFEC May Programme 2014

HFEC June Programme 2014




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