Inaugural Tolt in Harmony Event in the UK to be held here on Saturday 19th April from 8.00 am until 1.00 pm.

Please use the following  link for the promotion of this event:
In the UK there are less than 1000 Icelandic Horses, so their owners form quite a close community. They are a versatile, hardy breed of riding horse with the added bonus of extra gaits. Most horses walk, trot, canter/gallop. Icelandic’s can also Tolt (a smooth gait that can be done between walk and canter pace) and some can do flying pace as well!
This event is new to the Icelandic community and it is essentially dressage for Icelandics with the participants being scored on how harmoniously they ride (much like in BD or as per the 7 scales of training). The main difference is that the tests are performed in Tolt which is unique to Icelandics (so sadly to take part you need to ride one)!

The organiser  welcomes spectators who wish to find out more about these wonderful horses. Be warned they are very addictive!!!

It is important that anyone interested in attending this event arranges is and does not just turn up.

We hope this is a successful event and HFEC are pleased to be able to facilitate this event.


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